Say Goodbye to dirty finger marks and scratches on your Touchscreen Device

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Hi Everyone,App Writer Touchscreen Stylus - Cat

Say goodbye to dirty finger marks on your touchscreen device and have more accurate control with an App Writer Touchscreen Stylus.

More Accurate Control

These App Writers each have a rubber tip for better and more accurate control on your touchscreen device making them great for messaging, gaming and drawing.  They work on all Touchscreen devices including phones and ipads and are particularly useful on touchscreen phones where the buttons can be very small.

Keep your Screen Clean and Scratch Free

App Writer keeps your screen clean and scratch free as you won't have to touch it constantly with your fingers.

App Writer Touchscreen Stylus - GuitarNo More having to take off your Gloves in the Cold

They are ideal for use with gloves in the cold weather when you don't want to constantly be taking your gloves off to answer your phone or write a text.  

Plugs into your headphone socket

An extra bonus is that you will never lose it because the app writer can be plugged neatly into all headphone sockets with an elastic cord for easy use.

The App Writer Touchscreen Stylus comes in a variety of different designs and at £4.99 each they are a real bargain and will be used again and again.

My Dad would not be without his now as he has bigger fingers, that make it difficult to get any accuracy but now he can making this one of the best gifts he has ever had!!


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