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Hi Everyone,Envirotrend Foldaway Bag - Whale

A new introduction to our shop this month has been a range of extremely useful reusable bags from Envirotrend.

Realising that when shopping we are prone to forgetting our bags at home or in the car Envirotrend developed the SAKitToMe Bags that can be clipped to your keyring or bag so you won’t be without a bag again.  These bags are extremely durable and strong and can be used for so much more than shopping and in a variety of different, funky designs to choose from you might find that one is never enough!

Envirotrend Foldaway Rucksack - SpotsAlso in the range is the Envirotrend PakitToMe compact rucksacks in a range of really quirky designs.  Their philosophy is that everyone needs a backpack at one time or another but where do you put it when it is not in use?  The PakitToMe backpack is no bigger than a packet of crisps when folded but when it is unfolded transforms into a really generously sized backpack!

To see our full range please see Envirotrend Foldaway Bags.



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