How to make your own Lilliput Lane Village

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How to make your own Lillput Lane Village


At Out of the Blue we always like to find new ways to be creative in our gift shop and our latest project was creating our very own Lilliput Lane Village.  We found that putting them in a cabinet did not do the figures justice so Jackie and I decided to create an area for them to shine!

The following are the steps that we took to create our Lillput Lane Village:

Materials Needed:

  1. At least two stands/boxes/glasses for height.
  2. 1 x Pack of 5 sheets of blue tissue.
  3. 1 x Pack of 5 sheets of green tissue. 
  4. Scissors.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Clear cellotape or blue tack.
  1. To start we had to create a space, which is certainly not easy in our shop but we found just the right spot.  It is always best to start with a clear space because then you can begin to visualise what you want to do.


  2. Next you need a pack of blue tissue to create the sky blue background.  As tissue is not very thick you may have to use 4 of the tissue sheets from the pack and fold it over to give a deeper blue.  You then need to stick around the edges with clear cellotape to keep the sky in place.  

You can use any shade of blue for this depending on how deep you wish the sky to be.  If you want a night sky you could use a really dark blue and find some small star stickers or make your own stars to create a starry sky.


  3. You then need to start the process of placing your stands to give the village some hills and some height.  We imagined the church and the castle ruins being up high away from the village looking over everyone.  We have used stands from our shop but you can use small boxes or even small glasses if that is what you have.  Once you have decided what you want up higher and where you want the stands to be you are then ready to move onto the grass.


  4. For the grass effect you need a green tissue paper.  We had to use two sheets together for one side and then another two sheets from the pack together for the other. If you are only creating a small village then you may only have to use two sheets.  The most complicated part is covering the stands that you are using for the height.  Just remember that it does not have to be perfect.  

Start by laying the tissue over the stand making sure there is enough tissue to cover the stande and then with one hand keeping the tissue in place on top of the stand smooth the rest of the tissue down towards the shelf or table it is on.  Try to make the area at the bottom of the stand as flat as possible because that is where you will be putting the majority of your Lilliput Lane figures.  If you are creating the village on a shelf, then like us you might want to wrap the excess tissue over the front and under and then stick it in place with either cellotape or blue tack underneath.

IMG_0713 IMG_0714

  5.  Following on from this if you have a number of figures with boats on then you may want to create a lake, which is what we decided to do.  You can use a spare piece of blue tissue that is left over from the pack that you used for the sky or you can use a lighter tissue for the water.  To create the lake lay out the tissue then use a small plate and using a pencil or a pen trace around the edge of the plate then cut out the round shape with scissors.  Do not worry about being perfect because water is never perfect!!

IMG_0722 IMG_0721 IMG_0720

  6. Once you have created your lake stick it down putting a piece of folded over celloptape underneath to make it double sided sticky tape and place it underneath the lake to keep it in place.  You can then start to arrange your figures the way that you want them.  We tried to keep all of the shops together creating a small shopping precinct and the figures with boats around the edge of the water.  We also tried to put the taller figures at the back and the smaller ones at the front so they can all be seen but how you place your figures is completely up to you.


Then Voila, you have your very own Lilliput Lane!  

It really was fun creating it and we hope you have fun too but these are only guidelines and you can be as creative as you want to create your own Lilliput Lane to be proud of!


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