The Story behind our Envirotrend Foldaway Bags

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The Story behind our Envirotrend Foldaway Bags.

Envirotrend Foldaway Bags

Envirotrend Foldaway Bag - SpotsWhen we were looking for a range of environmentally friendly reusable foldaway bags to sell at Out of the Blue, I remember that I was surprised, at the time, at the limited number of suppliers of such bags.  I was so happy when I stumbled across Envirotrend at a local trade fair.  We love their philosophy and would like to share with you their story and reasons behind these stylish and practical bags that we would now not be without.

The Eureka Moment

EnviroTrend started their journey in Australia in 2006 when they spotted a gap in the market for more attractive “green” bags.  Who says that you can’t be environmentally friendly and still show your style and character?  On this premise, founder Janina Byrne designed the Envirotrend shopper bag as a stylish alternative to the non-plastic bags on offer, which were an instant hit. 

Envirotrend Philosophy

Envirotrend’s philosophy is “to reduce unnecessary waste by spreading the environmental message through creative design and quality environmentally friendly products.”  They want to make it easier for you as the bag user to reduce your use of plastic bags with as little pain and hassle as possible by providing you with a fun, easy to use, affordable and compact range of bags.

The ideal gift that keeps on giving

Not only do the Envirotrend bag’s make lovely gifts on their own but next time you are going to be giving a gift, why not use one of these bags as gift wrap or a gift bag for a gift that keeps on giving.  I always dislike throwing away lovely gift wrap and with this you don’t have to.  It is gift wrap that can be used again and again.

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