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Never forget a Password again!

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Never forget a Password again with one of these Internet Address and Password Books!  

Internet Address & Password Logbook

Here are some of the problems that this product has been designed to solve:

Problem 1: You can never remember a websites name and you don't know how to save it to your favourites.

Answer: Internet Address and Password Book

Reason: The Internet Address and Password Book is split up into tabbed alphabetical pages just like a normal address book.   There is room on each of the pages for the name of the company and the web address so you'll never forget the web address again.

Problem 2: You can never remember your username.  There are so many different websites and some that just allocate you usernames that you can never remember them all.

Answer: Internet Address and Password Book.

Reason:  On each of the pages within this book there is also a space under the web address to write down each and every username that you have so you never have to click on that forgotten username link again.

Problem 3: No matter how hard you try you just can't possibily remember every single password that you have created.  You don't want to use the same password every time but there is only so much that you can remember.

Answer: Internet Address and Password Book.

Reason: This book is ideal to write down all of your must remember passwords removing the need online to click 'forgotten password' and having to go through the long process of having to prove who you are and then creating a new password that you know you are going to forget just like the last one.  Or if you have phoned up someone and they need a password to proceed.  Don't get frustrated again.

Problem 4:  Ok you may say, this is all well and good but it really doesn't sound like a good idea to write down all of your usernames and passwords all in one place:

Answer: The Internet Address and Password Book has thought about this too! The cover of this book that says Internet Address and Password Book can be easily removed leaving a discreet plain coloured cover making it look like a normal notebook helping to keep your organiser secure.

These Internet Address and Password Books offer peace of mind and a way of coping in this modern world with so many websites, usernames and passwords.

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