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What do you do with your door key when you go out for a run?

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Question – What do you do with your door key when you go out for a run?

Some people have pockets but that is only good to keep your key safe if it has a zip.  If like me though you have jogging bottoms or leggings that don’t have pockets what do you do?  You may be thinking that not having somewhere to store a key is no big deal but if you are a runner or new to running then this is a very real issue.

When I was training for a Cancer Research UK 10k run, I always had to carry my key in my hand.  This is why when Mayhem UK presented this Run Tech Wrist Band to me to sell in our shop that I jumped at it.

Run tech hand wrist

The Run Tech Wrist band fits around your wrist and is sweat resistant.  Most importantly it has a secure zipped pocket to hold any essentials such as that important door key, money or credit cards and keep them safe.

Whether you or someone you know are running just to keep fit or training for a 5k right through to a marathon you will never have to worry again about where to keep your key or money with this Run Tech Wrist Band. 

A gift for the runner for peace of mind and to solve a very annoying problem.

Click here to order your Run Tech Wrist Band now.

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