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Wedding Day Keepsake Gifts to Treasure

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Wedding Day Keepsake Gifts to Treasure

A wedding keepsake is more than just a lovely gift, it is a reminder of one of the most important days in a couples life.  Choose from our range of wedding keepsakes for a commemorative gift to treasure and bring the special couple luck on their special day as they start their journey as a married couple.

Wedding Lucky Chimney Sweep Keepsake

Since the time of King George III Chimney Sweeps have been regarded as Wedding Lucky Chimney Sweepbearers of good luck after one stepped in front of the runaway carriage and horses that carried King George himself.  The King was so grateful that he asked for the presence of the Chimney Sweep at his daughter’s wedding and thus the tradition of the lucky chimney sweep began.  Luckily just in case you can’t find a real chimney sweep these lucky chimney sweep keepsakes make the perfect alternative gift to treasure.

Wedding Lucky Black Cat Keepsake

Lucky black cat wedding keepsakeThe lucky black cat is thought to bless marriages and bring the happy good luck.  The Lucky Black cat is a traditional Wedding Keepsake and makes a lovely memento to the happy day with the bride sure to understand the sentiment and well wishes that come with such a gift.

Wedding Lucky Butterfly Horseshoe

The horseshoe has a long history of being a protective Wedding Butterfly Lucky Horseshoesymbol and bringing good luck.  After the wedding tell the bride and groom to hang their horseshoe in their home to ward off evil spirits (if you or they believe in that type of thing) and bring luck to their marital home and all who enter it.  This Wedding Lucky Butterfly Horseshoe is a lovely accessory and gift for the bride and groom.

Wedding Lucky Wooden Spoon

Wedding Butterfly Lucky SpoonThe traditional giving of a wooden spoon goes back many years due to it being considered the most useful utensil that the bride would use to cook for her new husband and later her family.  Although probably not used for that reason today this lovely Butterfly Wedding Lucky Wooden Spoon makes the perfect wedding day gift to wish the bride good luck.

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