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An Everybol for every bowl uses

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The Everybol may be a ceramic bowl but it is not like every other bowl, it is aEverybol Cactus Bowlbowl with character featuring fabulous designs inside that will make you go wow!

First you have the Everybol Cactus design with cactus’s everywhere you can see inside this wild bowl.

EVERYBOL ElephantNext we have the Everybol Elephant pattern with elephants in formation going around the edge of the bowl with a large elephant image taking pride of place in the middle making a nice surprise when you finish what is in the bowl.

Things get a bit fishy with bowl number three: The EverybolEverybol Fish Bowl Fish bowl.  You’ll feel like you are under the sea with fish everywhere you can see inside this bowl and the blue and white colours and really striking to see.

Everybol Flamingo BowlYou’ll be seeing pink with the Everybol Flamingo Bowl featuring these lovely, elegant creatures in all their glory surrounding the inside of this bowl.

Finally we have the Everybol Pineapple Bowl.  Who Everybol Pineapple Bowldoesn’t like a pineapple and if you are a fan then this is the bowl for you, perfect to hold your pieces of pineapple or any of your favourite treats and nibbles.

Unfortunately these bowls are not microwave or dishwasher safe due to the design and detail involved so please make sure to hand wash each bowl to keep them in tip top condition.

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