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Keep organised in 2018 with Wrendale Designs Calendars

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Wrendale Designs have once again outdone themselves with their dated range of Calendars for 2018 and Out of the Blue are once again proud stockists of this lovely range, which includes:

Wrendale A Dogs Life 2018 Slim Calendar

Wrendale Designs A Dog's Life 2018 Slim Calendar

A new addition to the dated range this year is the Wrendale A Dog’s Life 2018 slim calendar featuring 12 of the most popular dog designs from the Dog’s Life range of cards.  Each day of the month has a line to fill in your most important dates and appointments.

Wrendale Designs Country Set 2018 Slim Calendar

Wrendale Country Set 2018 Slim Calendar 2A must have for Wrendale fans is the 2018 Country Set Slim Calendar.  A bestseller in our shop this 2018 Calendar features popular designs from the Country Set range of cards based on artwork by Hannah Dale including the Hamster who can’t resist its biscuit.

Wrendale Designs Country Set 2018 A3 Calendar

For those who like a larger Calendar there is the gorgeous Wrendale Country Set 2018 A3 Calendar and is sure to keep you organised in 2018.  Each day of the month has a box waiting for you to write in your important dates with an extra Don’t Wrendale Country Set 2018 Calender 2Forget and Birthdays & Anniversaries section.  This like the slim Calendar features some of Hannah Dale’s most popular artwork designs so you have a different Wrendale image every month.

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