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Discover your Surname History, You never know what you might find.

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Discover your Surname History,
You never know what you might find

Hi Everyone,

Coat of Arms and Surname History Print

I for one enjoy tracing my family history and get extremely frustrated when I appear to hit a brick wall with certain relations.  With sites such as Genes Reunited and Ancestry we have access to astounding amounts of information and records but what they can't give you is the origin of your surname or if there were any convicts shipped to Australia with your surname who might be linked to you.

Discover the origin of your surname with one of our Coat of Arms and Surname History Parchments. Each surname history includes the first recorded full colour Coat of Arms from the College of Arms for the surname and the history is over 1800 words long and includes:

  • The first recorded instance of the name and place of origin, often 1100 AD or earlier.
  • what the name actually means,
  • variations in spelling,
  • the earliest medieval movements of the name,
  • famous people from all periods of the surname history,
  • titles held by family members
  • any movement to other countries and early settlers to the New World.
  • Any convicts that were shipped to Australia

Click here for an Example of the information included in a Surname History

Each is finished off with a Hall of Names Authenticity sticker so you can be sure this is an authentic surname history from reliable sources and the parchment includes a Bibliography on the back detailing credible reference materials used in the history such as the doomsday book, ragman rolls, various census's, court records, assize rolls to name but a few. 

Pine_FrameEach History comes printed on a stunning piece of parchment, which you can either order as it is and will be delivered in a cardboard tube for protection or you can have one framed for an extra special gift.  With so many sources used and attention to detail these Coats of Arms and Surname Histories really are good value for money and can be passed on from generation to generation.

If you have any questions in regards to our Coat of Arms and Surname Histories please do not hesitate to contact us by using the Contact Us Page.

These Surname Histories make lovely gifts for either you or someone special so why not Discover you Surname History, You never know what you might find! 



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