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  1. New to Out of the Blue this month are the fabulous range of Fun Boozies Snoozies.  These cozy little foot coverings are super soft and cozy making them the perfect gift for your feet.

    Made from 100% polyester these slippers come in 4 drink themed designs depending on your alcohol preference.

    Wine Fun Boozies Snoozies

    There is the Wine Fun Boozies Snoozies for those who believe wine is the answer with the writing on one slipper and a picture of a bottle of wine and a wine glass.  So why not snuggle down in these snoozies with your own glass of wine.

    Prosecco Fun Boozies SnooziesSecondly we have a pair of Prosecco Fun Boozies Snoozies perfect for a Prosecco Princess in a stunning pink colour. No one will forget who the Prosecco Princess is as the wording is clearly on one of the slippers with a bottle of fizz and a wine glass on the other.

    For the Gin drinker we have the Gin Fun Boozies Snoozies with the convenientGin Fun Boozies Snoozies wording of Gin made me do it on one slipper and a bottle of gin and gin glass on the other.  Whether Gin made you do it or not your feet will certainly thank you for thinking of them with these foot coverings.

    Rosé Fun Boozies SnooziesLastly we have the more classy Rosé Fun Boozies Snoozies especially those who would like Rosé all day as stated on one of the slippers with a bottle of wine and a glass on the other.

    Whatever your taste if you like cozy feet and a touch of alcohol then the Fun Boozies Snoozies are perfect for you and your feet!

    For our full range of Snoozies please click here.