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  1. Give the Gift of a Wish Jar for a beautiful keepsake of a special day.


    A Wish Jar is designed to collect notes, messages, well wishes and words of wisdom from guests at your special occasion or someone specials.

    The wishes that are collected will be held safely inside your keepsake jar as a beautiful momento and a reminder of those who shared it with you.

    The range includes:

    Wedding Day - Where guests can leave messages and well wishes for the special couple on their special day.  This is a great wedding memento because the couple can look back on their special day and messages for years to come.

    Christening - Most of us don't remember our christening as we are too young but with this Christening Wish Jar the child can look back on this special day and read all of the lovely messages left by their guests at their christening.

    Anniversary - This generic Anniversary Wish Jar is the perfect accessory to any of the milestone anniversaries so that guests can leave well wishes, memories and congratulations on this special day.

    Engagement - A lovely memento for the happy couple as they celebrate this next step in their relationship and celebrate with family and friends.

    18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th Birthday - I think everyone should celebrate their milestone birthdays and now you can immortalise that special birthday with these age Wish Jars that are perfect to have at parties where guests can leave birthday messages and well wishes.

    Each wish jar includes the glass keepsake jar, 100 blank wish tickets to fill in, a pen and a wooden tag.

    Whatever the occasion, with a Wish Jar you can make that special day even more special and remember it for years to come!

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