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  1. We have just had a new delivery of DCUK Ducks at Out of the Blue with lots of new names and characters with some with boots and some without.


    A new addition to the range are the Seafaring and country ducks including a fantastic one in his yellow raincoat and hat!


    The following are a list of all of the names on our ducks that we currently have in stock:

    Aaron Dorrie John Piers
    Alistair Dotty Joshua Roxie
    Amber Edward Judith Ruby
    Andrew Elliot Julia Ryan
    Angus Eric Kittie Seth
    Anna Freya Leanne Ted
    Austin Gabby Lucas Teresa
    Beatrice Geoff Lucy Timothy
    Becky George Max Valerie
    Billie Hayley Millie Vicky
    Bob Hebe Minnie Zoe
    Bridie Hermione Natalie  
    Carter Ivor Neil  
    Chris James Oliver  
    Claude Jamie Olivia  
    Daisy Jasmine Orlando  

    We are sorry that we cannot add the ducks to our website but there are so many types and variations that we would be unable to add them all.  If you are unable to come to our shop and you are interested in any of the above names then please let me know and I will be happy to send you images of that particular duck.  We are always happy to take orders over the phone on 01803 866009.